Wednesday, November 9

Canada Reads Non-Fiction 2011

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has a yearly fiction literature competition, Canada Reads, in which it chooses 10 books from the past year, and matches each up with a well-known Canadian figure to debate its greatness amongst other books with their well-known figures.  This year there is a new competition, Canada Reads: True Stories competition.  A list of 40 books from several decades, cut down to 10 books, all non-fiction with a goal of only leaving 1 as the ultimate winner.  Upon review, I have read none of them.  How many have you read or will you read?

The Boy in the Moon by Ian Brown
Cockeyed by Ryan Knighton
The Game by Ken Dryden
Louis Riel by Chester Brown
On a Cold Road by Dave Bidini
Paris 1919 by Margaret MacMillan
Prisoner of Tehran by Marina Nemat
Shake Hands with the Devil by Romeo Dallaire
Something Fierce by Carmen Aguirre
The Tiger by John Vaillant

As stated before each book with be matched with a well-known figure, a panelist, which will be announced on the CBC Radio 'Q' show November 23.  Debates begin on the show in February.  So excited!

While researching the authors above, I came across new and interesting websites below:

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  1. Hi Tonia,

    I love Canada reads, though I rarely get time to read the books on the list, either. Rebecca is on a jury to select the outstanding new academic work in the social sciences and arts for this year. She is reading a book a week, ... not hard if a person has nothing else to do. But how to thesis writers (like you), or travelers (like me) fit a book a week in. I mean a book that is outside the lists of books that are assigned?

    I am going to miss reading these books, but for sure I will be reading the reviews on the books. I don't think that counts.