Saturday, August 27

RIP Jack Layton

Just wanted to commemorate the listening of Jack Layton's funeral on CBC Radio.
I know that we idealize people during funerals but with teach talk, speech, piece of information about Jack, he is more amazing.

For a person to pioneer causes such as decreasing violence against women; improving the situation of the poor; to listen to the issues facing immigrant individuals and families; fighting for the rights of the gay and lesbian community; speaking on behalf of the middle and lower income groups in this country; teaching each of us that our contribution does make a difference.  To fight for these causes as a white, heterosexual, middle to upper class man and to not be afraid of sharing power, decision making processes, money, and access to the good of the world is what is most impressive about Jack Layton.  Our cities, our country and the world would improve if we lived more like Jack, not leaving anyone behind.

The more I live, the more I realize that I am not a democratic capitalist.  Far from it.  (I say this as the US is slowly imploding from over consumption and over accumulation of the ruling class and others).  Money is helpful and useful in a world that circumnavigates production, consumption, consumerism, and there are many things in my life that require money (place to sleep, food, clothing, writing, reading, education, ceramics, photography, entertaining friends) but I want money so that I can live.  I don't live for the accumulation of money.  I am not a capitalist.  Jack and his life's work makes me more motivated to be even less of capitalist and more of a democratic socialist, the policies, procedures and laws that leave no one behind.  A world of private enterprise and things is a world in which there are fewer people willing to share, and in which accumulation and having more at any cost is the priority.  Others are always more important than things and accumulation of things.

Thank you democratic socialist and activist Jack, for this reminder.

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