Friday, July 1

Signs of Canada Day!!!

So far I have ventured to the Manitoba Legislature to see the human Canadian flag being created (no pics, raining too much), visited the Canadian Mint and received a free gold Canadian flag pin, walked up and down Osbourne Street to enjoy people, food and the funky.  I am off to The Forks tonight to see fireworks and have had an excellent super humid and hot Canada Day.  My goal with my camera today was to catch signs that it is the celebration of our country.  This is what I captured:

The best part is I know none of these people.  Well, except the band on stage I have heard them several times.  Off for dinner and fireworks!


  1. Don't forget your friends David and Jen!
    Chillin' on Canada Day with spirit (and a friendly neighbourhood cop!)!:

  2. Thanks Tonia.

    I enjoyed the pictures, as well.

    Especially the Chinese Lantern with eh! written on it.

    And the kids with the flags in their braids or the woman who had tinted red that wonderful head of hair she has. I liked seeing so many people from the BACK -- just like I feel, always running to catch up to see who that fellow Canadian is ahead of me.

    Thanks for showing me the world through the lens of your camera.