Thursday, April 28

Tempting Spring's Arrival

For the past four days I have been walking around in a daze trying to recuperate from the term which just ended.  Last night, after having helped a friend build a dark room at an art studio, I returned home and fell asleep by 10 pm, a rarity.  It was a hard, deep, comfy sleep.  This made my body and mind wake up at 6 am on Easter Sunday.  This woman is an owl, not a morning person and this was too early to be as perky as I was.  I got up and had an 'Arta morning'.  This is my Aunt who gets up most days between 4 - 5 am and accomplishes more in the first 4 hours of the day than most people do all week.

I was up.  Time to get to it!
This is what I did before Easter dinner at my friend's house at noon:

  • put away winter sweaters
  • unearthed spring clothing
  • re-organized closet for clothing change-over
  • laid out spring shoes ready for wear
  • cleaned and shined leather winter boots
  • made and eat breakfast
  • cleaned bathroom
  • swept apartment floor
  • two hour power walk
  • two loads of laundry
  • took out 5 bags of recycling
  • read chapter of one travel book

It was quite a morning and I know there will be at least one more snow fall before the official buds of spring, so changing around my clothes and footwear may be teasing the seasons a bit.  Much accomplished but as I thought. 8 pm and I am beat.  Trying to keep myself awake with blogging.....

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