Wednesday, March 30

Why I Love My Family

A message I received from my Aunt Arta who wanted to let me know what preparations my sisters were having in honour of my birthday tomorrow.  This makes me smile because I would have been thrilled with the treats if they would have sent them, but the smile in my face reading that my sisters and Aunt ate treats on my behalf, is just as big:

Hello Tonia,

I know tomorrow is your happy birthday, so ... one from me to me. 

Happy Birthday!

As well, it has been a lot of fun, watching the build-up here to your birthday.

I got to hear from Charise, all of her plans to make you cookies and send them in the mail.  I told her to make some cookies, put them in a box, bang the box around, then open it and see how many crumbs there were in the box.

The next thing I knew, she and Lurene were making Wyona’s caramel toffee square to send to you.

I think you would have got them, but the caramel in the middle was so running that when you cut it, it would run and they could see that wasn’t going to work.

When I was over there yesterday, we washed the pan that had the last of them in – none were wasted.  All were waisted.

What can I do, but report on the fun they were having.

The next thing I knew Charise had a card to put in the mail.  I offered to mail it on the way home, but she said, no, the mail box was close to her house and she would walk there and mail it.

I love it that you were so much the focal point of attention when your birthday was coming up, though you would probably not have known it.

Again, happy birthday.



Thanks for the thoughts ladies!  I love my family!

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