Saturday, March 12

More than iTunes

Now that I have converted to Apple products, I am continually ensuring that I am have not sold my heart and soul to the company, any company.  Here is one place I have found to pay for and download music that is edgy, more independent and Canadian.

Zunior: The Little Digital Music Store

Here is a band whose music I just heard on my beloved CBC Radio procured.  A delightfully quiet and lyrical look at break-ups and the end of relationships.

The band: Spring Breakup
The album: Spring Breakup
From website
My desire to listen to more artists on the periphery of music scene has developed as I have moved the music mecca of Winnipeg.  Who knew?!?  I am not mocking.  I am being quite serious.  Having moved from Calgary where oil, gas and business money-making corporations run the city (and I do enjoy the city), I am now in a place where the arts run the city.  Incredibly refreshing!  The groups is mightily interconnected and it is still a pyramid of the who-knows-who, as in most areas of life, but a city with a focus on the arts?  Really enjoying it!

I have joined the West End Cultural Centre as a volunteer in the past month and have already attended two performances:  Christine Fellows, and Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans.  Not only did I volunteer but I chatted with Christine before the CD release party helping with arranging seats and coordinating the lights. As well, I ended up talking with lead singer of The Weakerthans, not even knowing who he was.  Much to learn about the music and arts scene in The Peg.  Firstly, the main acts that make up the city's musical aura.  More concerts and arts on the way!

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