Sunday, March 27

Honest Conversation

Many years ago when I was a practicing member of the LDS faith, a friend introduced me to a site called Mormon Stories Podcasts.  I dove in and found an incredible collection of stories, ideas, thoughts and perspectives that provide a breadth of understandings to those who are Mormon and those who are not.

Several years ago, the site was taken down by John Dehlin (a practicing Mormon), stopped his regular podcasts.  To those on the fringe of Mormonism, this was a blow as he was not afraid to talk to and about the intellectuals, the excommunicated, the LGBT groups, the edgy and those whose voices of questioning and dissent provided a much needed critique required to practice any religion, participate in any political group, or aspire to understand the tenets of any ideology.

Although as a single, well-educated, liberal, feminist, woman it was hard to end my participation in the larger organization as part of my self-identification came from the church, my continued unhappiness with many of its practices and religious ideas required my cessation.  Even though I have 'gone astray', I continue to peek in once a while to see if progress with regards to women's issues, the LGBT community, and other more liberal ideas has been made.  To my surprise three weeks ago, I was delighted to see John Dehlin back with an improved website and more conversations with a wide breadth of people.

While peeking around, I found this gem.  The much maligned subject of sex, masturbation, pornography and marriage.  Gathering professionals within and without the LDS church, Dehlin and cohorts present an interesting and honest talk about subjects that are so frequently ignored or pushed beyond the fringe of most religious groups.  Talking about sex does not lead to random sexual behaviours, it just means that the subject is no longer taboo and a maturity around the subject can grow.  Give it a listen.  It will make you feel healthy, wealthy and wise.  :)

I just found another gem, a woman I will adore for the rest of my existence, Carol Lynn Pearson.  


  1. John Dehlin also produced an informative podcast outlining some of the main reasons why people tend to leave the church:

    My other favourite Mormon related podcast is Mormon Expression: It can be a bit edger than Mormon Stories, but is very informative and entertaining.

  2. Hello Tonia, Nice to read your words.