Tuesday, February 1

Fleet of Hope

Love these lyrics:

The fisherman comes up
Puts his two poles in the sand
He stares out at the sea
Just exactly like me
But I've got a book in my hand
We will have caught on to something by the end of the day
But mostly we think about the one that got away.


I've walked through the desert
Climbed over mountains so high
Through jungles and plains
I took buses and trains
And airplanes across the sky
But none as seductive as ocean before me alone
And now I know why
You layered your pockets with stones.


When I was a girl
All of my fancy took flight
And I had this dream
Could outshine anything
Even the darkest night
Now I wait like a widow for someone to come back from sea
I've always known
I was waiting for me

'Cause the fleet of hope is so pretty
When she's shining in the port
And the harbor clings to the jetty
For protection and support
Out in the choppy waters the sharks swim and play
You're all washed up when Poseidon has his day

More lyrics: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/i/indigo_girls/#share

When I saw them in London I would swear I had a moment with Emily Sailers and as she sang this song our eyes locked on the chorus and we both sang while watching each other.  Then the shivers down the body from a moment of human connection.  Even if I imagined it, I don't care, it was moving and magnificent.  The live version of the song is below.

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