Saturday, January 8


The tiles on my blog have been acronyms lately.  Here is a link to an innovative way to present academic information.  Combining a professional speaker, video, and animation those individuals who are auditory and visual learners receive a double whammy of information.  Sent to me by a professor for whom I am working this term in a Philosophy of Sport and Leisure course, the message concerns human beings innate natures.  We may not always see people's actions as empathetic but do we in fact all have a propensity to be individuals who, after all that transpires as we breathe, live, interact, have a biological need to help and be part of a the group rather than the importance of the individual?  An old age question revisited below by a new organization to me who is educating in a rather unique way.


There are more videos like this one on YouTube through the organization Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA).  A new favourite website and organization for me.  Enjoy! 

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