Saturday, January 15

Psychotic Break

I have never had a psychotic episode in which I have blended reality and my own inner mind's workings into one large experience, all of which I believe is authentic.  After having seen Black Swan, I have a closer understanding of what a psychotic episode might look like.

For many years I worked hard practicing, completing drills, working as a team and sweating meeting the goal of being the best basketball player.  I reached that goal many years ago but once I reached it I was not consumed with fears of paranoia and obsessed with perfection, all involving an over-protective parent.  After watching Black Swan I can see how the thine line of reaching a goal may turn on me.

Most of my life I feel like I have been pretty uptight, overly moral and whitely pure.  Now that I have watched Black Swan I more fully understand what it could look like if I began letting out my dark side (minus the wings and feathers).

Mmmmm......a wonderfully intricate movie, not easy to watch, but very intensely introspective as one must always be aware, that what one is experiencing is as close to the collective reality as possible.

The Envelope's perspective on the movie.

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