Thursday, January 27

Need a New Calendar?

Several years ago while travelling through Rome my two friends and I spotted the most hilarious of calendars.  Catholic priests, completely dressed, but whose faces and body language suggested a layer of hotness.  We each bought one and years later they are still being used as specific dates are not attached to specific weekdays.  Smart calendar making!

Roman Priest Calendar
Not the best link but you can look for more in the inter-web.  ;)

Turns out there are new Mormon ones too.  Flanked in controversy, the creator Chad Hardy thought he would try to present a different, less stuffy image of Mormonism and asked male returned missionaries to pose shirtless.  This did not go down with the some general populace or the leaders.  He has begun to make a calendar of married women with baked goods.  Do we know where this is going?  Even less popular.  Either way, they look hilarious and quite tongue-in-cheek, which is why I don't mind them.  Not degrading or offensive, just sexy and a tad racy.  Give them a peek and order one if you have free space on a wall.

Men On A Mission and Hot Mormon Muffins Calendars

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