Monday, December 27

New Year's 2011

This year I am going light.  Too hard to remember many goals.  Just going for three.  Not all of them are set in stone.  Here is what I am thinking for now.

1. Learn to identify and thoroughly immerse myself in moments of joy.

2. Learn. Read. Learn. Analyze. Learn. Think. Learn. Question. Learn.

3. Be healthy with as many personal choices as possible.


  1. Three new goals, but I began to hyperventilate with goal number 2. Good luck. I will not be far behind you, trying to do my best with that list as well.

  2. Your goals are good for you Tonia. Have fun following them. I will adopt at least number one. I will immerse myself in joy, also. I think I made a comment at Christmas that I don't want to learn anymore so I might pass on number 2. I like number three also but too hard for me right now. We shall have fun following our choices.