Monday, December 13

It Has Arrived

It is official.

At the age of 38 years old, 8 months, 13 days.

I found it.

In my bangs, on the right hand side.


I have my dad's 'mousey brown hair' as my mother calls it.  Try to put it down but my dad had a head of  brown hair until he was in his 50's.  Any grey blended in and seemed invisible.  Now in his 60's, you have to get close and look hard to see the grey.  Years of hidden grey hairs ahead of me.

In honour of grey hair, I add pictures of the two women in my life that have demonstrated that dyeing one's hair is an option and a choice.  Thank you Wyona (my mother) and Arta (my aunt).

Let the grey hair go wild and beautiful! 

Wyona on the left, Arta on the right.  
Sisters having seen Sister Act in London's West End. 

Arta and I on Regent Street in London.
It was wonderful to finally see a woman with grey hair in an advertisement in such a public place.
(Please note that they did remove all the woman's wrinkles in the ad.  
Stills some work to do including many forms of beauty in the fashion industry.)

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  1. Tonia, I had forgotten how much fun we had that night. Hadn't we been at a concert in London given by Diana Krall -- that was my first time to have heard her live after so many years of listening to her on the CBC.

    And Wyona and I at Sister Act! Yes, there should be a deal at the theatre like, "if you buy five tickets, you get the sixth one free".