Wednesday, December 1

Festival Fun Part Deux

This is my 101 post.  Yahoo!

In honour of having written one hundred things I bring you more names of delightfully fun, interesting, hilarious festivals.  Attend one of these incredible events around North America and write a comment to let me know how the event transpired.

Now off you with you!


  1. I attended the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival last year. Does that one count?

    And I doubled clicked on the Bessie Smith strut because that looked pretty interesting. Related to that idea,I have been listening to 24 Classic Recordings of Louis Armstrong when I go to sleep at night, and memorizing the names and melodies of the tunes. One I am quite good at is the Sugar Foot Strut. I wonder if they play that song at the Bessie Smith Strut.

    Yours for more playful strutting,


  2. I don't think I will make any of those festivals Tonia. And 101 posts is a lot. Life is great! Enjoy!