Monday, November 1

$25 and Thank You

One week ago I found a iTunes $25 gift certificate that I purchased over one year ago.  The card made it into my packing supplies and appeared as I rambled about my various electronic gadgets once I unpacked.  What did I do with it?  I used it to buy the following and enjoy over and over.  Thank you artists and iTunes!

Broken Bells
- Songs Purchased: The Ghost Inside, The High Road, October, Vaporize
- a falsetto voice
- some fun electronics
- clap along!

(Copied from

- Songs Purchased: Don't Upset the Rhythm (Go Baby Go), Wild Young Hearts
- French term, meaning 'nuts'.  As many words, it sounds better in French.
- a band I first heard in the UK
- sassy woman on lead vocals and bass
- retro hair
- danceable and fun!

- Songs Purchased: Dead Hearts, The Night Stars Here, Take Me To The Riot
- out of Montreal
- a collection of artsy people who create intricate musique
- currently touring and people in Calgary and Edmonton just missed them
- good mix of interesting tracks and unique sounds
- 80's me up!

- Songs Purchased: the entire Sigh No More album
- intense Brits who speak through their chords and strumming fingers
- sonorous harmonies (Timshel), thoughtful lyrics (Awake My Soul, The Cave), bounce and sing along (Roll Away Your Stone)
- the crescendo's they create while singing and playing, truly moving (i.e. Little Lion Man)
- great tip from a friend.  (Listen to friend's when it comes to music selections.)

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Mayer Hawthorne
- Songs Purchased: The Ills, Just Ain't Gonna Work Out, One Track Mind, When I Said Goodbye
- flashback music to the late 1960's (when I was but a dream in my parents sparkly eyes)
- bee bop and shake the tooshie in your warm seat
- tragic break up song, 'Just Ain't Gonna Work Out'
- will be in Vancouver November 8
- sexy, sad, wonderful

(Copied from

Regina Spektor
- Songs Purchased: Samson
- used to own this song before I dropped my iPod Classic on the ground
- Regina has the artsy vide soaked into her bones
- this one is a tragic and sultry song
- my gut rises up in the lyrics and the lust that drips from every word

(Copied from are my sweetest downfall......

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  1. Nice taste in coupons, Tonia.

    The only kind of money-savers I use are"2-for-the-price-of-1" at Safeway and $1 off of a 4 litre jug of 1% milk at Co-Op.