Monday, October 4

Lynne Truss & The Oatmeal

When I was introduced to this book, the English that I spoke and wrote became set of rules that I understood for the first time, rather than a pensive 'mmm....that looks like the correct grammar and it sounds right too.  Must be right."  Being the visual and auditory person that I am, grammar and spelling always made sense through my senses, not because I understood or memorized rules.  It has helped me improve my writing and will continue to do so.  

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(A good dose of being a French as a Second Language student while living in Belgium as a child also helped.  Those Belgians teach French using grammar rules and you need to know them to speak a foreign tongue.)

Today, while looking for the proper use of the semi-colon online,  I found another grammar resource and information site that has made me laugh so hard there are tears in the corner of my eyes.  It is a hilarious cacophony of art, lessons, sayings, information and general wonderfulness, and I thought I would share it with you.  A 'one man website' that will teach you about proper word usage, parasitic worms, the slinky, all with original artwork and imaginative writing.  Check it out!

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