Tuesday, August 31

One Week in Heaven, Part III

Last year I took the opportunity to purchase a new Olympus Stylus Tough camera, which are both water and shock proof, with several models also freeze proof.  Each model is designed to be used in the water for a certain duration of time and at a specified depth (varying from 30 minutes to 45 minutes, and 3 feet to 16 feet deep).  My camera was acquired when a newer model as replacing the first model and I jumped at the chance of buying it for $160 rather than $300.  It is such a popular camera with my nieces and nephews that they regularly ask to use it while at our rocky beach during the summer.  They also discovered that under water movies are fun too.  Due to its outer strength, I am more than happy to share.  Here are the best pictures taken over other the last two summers.

Nephew under water.

Launch time!

Two buddies having fun.

Canoe ride for three.

Spit at me baby, one more time.

My only issue with the camera is seeing the image on the display screen while under water, I can't.  Most of the time I aim and push the button so the captured image is not always what I was expecting.  (Another review of various weather proof cameras.)


Each summer we are spoiled.  Several people in the family display their ability to cook, bar-b-q, and bake the best dinners and deserts.  This year, my mother Wyona, once again demonstrated her ability to create treats that indulge the eater in the decadent and delicious.

At the forefront, her delightful Amaretto Chocolate Cheesecake.  In the back a plain Cheesecake that was eventually smothered in dripping caramel and fluffy whipped cream.  

Perhaps Wyona made it....perhaps Glen did....either way, this fresh Strawberry Creamcheese pie should be made again...and again...and again...


A few more flowers from Glen and Janet's garden.  It was so enjoyable having such a beautiful and wide selection of flowers with which to practice.

I was talking these pictures with my upper torso and camera hidden in the shrubs and my legs sticking out in the air at odd angles.  My cousin came by, only saw my random legs and declared, 'I am not even going to ask what you are doing in there!'

Bud and bloom.

The shining sun.


A few more treasures from the pottery wheel.  What a wonderful place to create, relax and catch up with relatives.

Rebecca's mugs with interesting details.

A spiky larger pot I made last year to which I added mottled, dripping glazes.

One more from this year.  I lost so many pots to the kiln goddess this year, I need to celebrate the few that made it through.

May the coming summers and holidays bring you and yours much fun, delight and interesting projects.


  1. Hi Tonia, Arta, Greg and Wyona are here looking at your pictures. They are smashing!!! We are using our new Mac Book Pro to do this. Greg got it up and running while Arta and I went for a car ride to do errands. I M GOING TO FIGure out how to use this. I already pushed the caps button by mistake. Love, Wyona

  2. I've taken another look at this post. I think your camera work is stunning. I want to be you.