Monday, August 23

Greg and Master's Degree

I have decided that I am going to include snippets of wisdom from others on my blog.  Here is a quick email from my dad, Greg, just before he makes his way from his seventh and last international posting in London, UK, back home to Calgary.  It is the city my parents departed from 37 years ago and back home they go.

Hi Tonia,

Glad to hear you made it safe and sound.  I am just on my way to Calgary.  Over the next two years there are going to be days when you will think "What have I done?"  That is the time when you will need to look forward, not back.  One of the key advances we have made in Canada, is to have the opportunity to re-direct one's career.  It is a mark of how progressive our society is.  Take care.


PS Remember, you have to have a talk with Dad when you receive your report cards :-)

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