Thursday, May 13

Your Body, Your Choice

Just in case you have not heard on the news, Canada is planning on removing its funding for abortions for people who live in third world countries.  For those who have traveled, lived or worked in third world countries, you have seen or experienced the poverty few of us in North America will ever have.  Add to this the lack of access to birth control, undesirable sexual violence towards women, laws that may restrict choices over your own body, and a lack of money to access healthy, safe abortions.  Living in countries where we have access to money, freedoms, health services and choices, I believe we are responsible to assist the less fortunate with what we have.  Sign if you choose.  Don't if you choose no.

Please sign this petition to Parliament to include funding for family planning and safe abortion in Canada’s G8 Maternal/Child Health Initiative.  

As the host country of the G8 Summit on June 25/26, 2010 in Huntsville Ontario, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his governing Conservative Party of Canada have chosen to champion an initiative to improve maternal and child health in developing countries.

However, this admirable initiative has become deeply mired in the Conservatives’ anti-choice ideology. The government announced on April 26 that they will not fund safe abortion services "under any circumstances" in developing countries. Although they were forced to back down from their earlier position that family planning and contraception would also be excluded from the initiative, there is still no firm commitment to fund family planning – only a vague promise to "consider" it, and to "not close doors against any options, including contraception."

Please sign the following petition to call upon Parliament to include funding for safe abortion and family planning/contraception in Canada’s G8 maternal/child health initiative. 

(Petition sponsored by the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada)

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