Friday, April 30

For the Next Wistful Voyage....

I have recently been offered a position at the Canadian International School in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates starting in September 2010.  I have said yes and will be under contract with them for two years.  While making my decision I took into account my love of seeing and being in the midst of new things, my desire to travel and earn a living, my enjoyment of learning and sharing what I learn, and in the end I tried to come up with three good reasons to say no and I could not identify them.  There were only two on my brain: family, friends, ?.  See, no third reason, so I go.

I will be teaching Grade 6 and am excited to be living in a completely different place in the world, the middle east.  This means that my Wistful Voyages Blog will be coming to you from another country starting in September.  Check out my writings and pictures here to live my adventures in tandem.  Part of me is very excited and the other part is scared, oh so scared.

As my brother wished me on my birthday after hearing about the job offer, "I am not wishing you happy birthday, but Happy Abu Dhabi!"

Stepping out onto the unknown road to see where it leads.


  1. Hello,

    Do you have room in your apartment for visitors. The last time someone said yes, I went there for two months.


  2. seriously! is this ever going to be an adventure!

  3. Oh Tonia! What an adventure!

  4. Well my friend. I am SO excited for you, congrats. What an adventure this will be. Although, I am very disapointed that yet again we will miss eachother when I finaly move home. I suppose this just means I need to find two sweet jobs and save so that I can come and visit you.

  5. CONGRATS!! What an exciting opportunity. I love your adventurous spirit. You GO Girl!