Thursday, April 22

Cleavage Anyone?

Thousands Sign Up to 
Flaunt Their Cleavage

From Torstar News Service

Tens of thousands of women have signed up online to flaunt their cleavage Monday in the face of an Iranian cleric’s comments.

Purdue University student Jen McCreight threw out the challenge last Monday on her
blog, and by Thursday more than 33,000 women joined the cause from all over on two separate Facebook sites.

What provoked her was a comment from Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi, who was quoted on April 16 as saying, “Many women who do not dress modestly ... lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes.”

Her challenge:

Monday, April 26th, I will wear the most cleavage-showing shirt I own. Yes, the one usually reserved for a night on the town. I encourage other female skeptics to join me and embrace the supposed supernatural power of their breasts ... With the power of our scandalous bodies combined, we should surely produce an earthquake.” 

Tonia: Don't you love a smart, critical feminist?!


  1. Monday, April 26th, I will be sporting my red bra from Secrets of My Sister in Toronto, will a flimsy top atop it. Thank you Wistful T! I would enjoy part of such earth shattering ventures.

  2. Very funny Tonia! I've always thought that breasts were supernatural ;-)