Monday, March 1

Mack's Hilarious Mouth

I share with you the hilarity of my five year old nephew's mouth and the words that innocently come forth from it, really just trying to grasp a sense of the world.  (I have changed his name to protect his innocence but then again, why bother as here is his picture.)

Mack:  Aunt Tonia, you are back!  Come and see what Santa brought us for Christmas! 

It is now February.

Aunt Tonia:  OK.  What is it?  Something really good? 

Mack:  It is a Wii Dance Mat!  It's so fun!

Aunt Tonia:  That's so cool!  Have you played it?  How fun is it?

Mack:  Oh yeah its fun!  Let' play it right now.

Aunt Tonia:  OK.  You know, Santa must really like you!

Mack:  Yeah.

Mack, knowing his Aunt Tonia owns no video game paraphernalia or assorted accoutrements...

Mack:  Aunt Tonia, why doesn't Santa like you?

Mack and his 7 year old brother Babe:  Aunt Tonia, why don't you have a husband?  Don't you want one?  We should find you one.

Aunt Tonia:  Oh really?  What is his name and what will he be like? 

Babe: Mmmmmm.......

Mack:  Mmmmm......his name should be Rich!  And his last name should be Money.

Babe:  Oh yea!  And he should be one inch taller than you and have brown hair.

Let me know if you meet a man about 5'10'' with brown hair named Rich Money.  I have dibs on him.


Putting both boys to bed.  Mack finds his pyjamas and I help him into one pant leg, then give him the chance to finish dressing himself to develop a little independence. 

I pick up his two year old sister.  We giggle, make noises and dance a little then I put her down as I hear Mack say: 

Mack:  Aunt Tonia, could you help me please?!

I look over to see him spinning in an awkward circle trying get his second leg in the second pant hole without using his arms.  Not only is he spinning in an awkward circle, he is also walking in a larger circle trying to beat his tricky pyjamas at the 'get dressed' game.  He looks so hilarious that I started laughing uncontrollably, grab my stomach and bend over with the giggles.

Mack:  What?  What is so funny?

Aunt Tonia:  You!  You are just so cute!

Mack:  Ick!  Not cute.

Aunt Tonia:  Sorry, not cute but great.........OK, you are ready, hop in bed.  Have a good sleep and I will see you again soon.

Mack:  Goodnight Aunt Tonia and when you come back, we shall dance once again!

What a, sorry...I mean a hilarious, manly, bundle of fun. 

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  1. Oh, I am going to love seeing those kids this summer. Thanks for the tales about them.