Tuesday, March 9

Honouring a Woman

Tonight, as the whole day was International Women's Day, I wanted to honour a woman whose life, work and opinions I admire.  Too bad International Women's Day ended 58 minutes ago.  But I shall not falter; I shall proceed.  From what I can devise from broadcasts, podcasts, CBC, her French blog, and her political comments across these mediums, her intelligence and wit is admirable.  She can play with the big boys and girls, and she impresses easily.  No grasping hold of an archetype, latching on to a stereotype, or conforming to a prescribed notion of womanhood to achieve notoriety.  She is authentic, real and deomonstrates high intelligence within her professional domain.  Here are a few links for you to enjoy!

Chantel Hebert Blog in French   Blog in English

Chantel Hebert on the CBC

Chantel's Book "French Kiss" and Short Podcast

Chantel's Wiki Bio

Chantel on Canadian Voices

Writing for The Star

On Twitt

(Photo copied from flickr.com)

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