Monday, March 22

Flowers When I Die

Rather than telling you about the funeral I attended this weekend, the death of an extended family member, I will share with you the pictures of the flowers I took of the stunning bouquets that celebrated this woman's life.  The beauty of life in the shapes of flowers. 

My aunt and I were also thinking about our own imminent deaths and what each of us wish for our funerals.  You may think that discussing, planning or wondering about one's non-life is creepy, odd, or strange but what do you want people to do in honour of your life and death?  All a part of a will and living will in the 21st century.  Here are my thoughts with the flowers. 

My choice would be to have a memorial service sitting around the stream right below Arta's cabin at Shuswap Lake.  No one in suits, dresses, or skirts, attend in casual attire.  No one presiding or being in charge other than my immediate family members.  If they wish, they can find a friend who may want to be the MC.  I like MC's (only the ones who leave out the lame, tacky jokes). 

Cremation would mean that I would be able to be buried in two places: in the plot that my grandfather bought my mother and her siblings when their sister died unexpectedly.  The second spot: spread some of my ashes in the foliage and forest bed at Shuswap Lake in Wyora's forest.  Leave it undeveloped and in its naturally magnificent state.  Perhaps at one point I will even make my own cremation pot at the pottery wheel under Glen's balcony.

Share stories at my memorial, good ones, funny experiences, days of enjoyment, places of pleasure, share photographs, my travel stories, the things that made life more sweet and delightful.

Eat and delight in the food that makes life more pleasurable.  Salads, olives, cheeses, veggie platters, dripping fruit platters (must have pineapple and mango), and you cannot forget dessert.  What is life without the sugary sweetness that reminds me dinner is worth getting through?  (Any Johnson may eat oranges instead.)
Laugh, cry, reminisce, snigger, dance, sing, read quotes, share thoughts, listen, observe nature in the silent moments, and guffaw more.

Know that I am there laughing with you, loving each person, licking the desserts with my ghostly tongue.

Do not fight over my beautiful CD collection, my eclectic clothing, unique pottery, stunning photography, secretive journals, concert t-shirts, souverniers from my travels, and other assorted belongings.  They will be bequeathed to my immediate family. 

If you actually attend my memorial / party / celebration, enjoy the memories of my life with you, remember me in the days to come in spirit, and you may even leave with a flower.


  1. I guess you can call me morbid too but I always think about this kind of stuff...haha. I've never had a dream wedding but dream funeral? Of course! Your dream funeral sounds nice.

  2. Give me the details Jane. I would love to hear what you want for your funeral. As for morbid, perhaps we should call it 'well prepared' just like a good boy scout.