Saturday, February 6

Spain - Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza

I have spent the last two weeks in Spain.  My first trip to the country and I have one day left to enjoy the sun, 15 degree weather (which is very exciting for a Canadian in February), a lovely walk along the Sea, and more Menu of the Day (a.k.a. spoil me with a three course meal for all one price Catalan, Spanish food), brief conversations with people practicing their English, a restful perch on my hotel terrace looking out over the view (I think I am the only person staying at the hotel, it is down season here), and the usual normal late night 10 pm dinner of several courses.  Tomorrow back to London but I am not done yet.

I will write more when I have the time but it might not be until March.  From here I go back to London to pack my belongings of the last 9 months, head to Egypt for a 10 day pre-planned trip, then to Berlin to meet up with some friends for 48 hours, then back to London to say goodbye and pick up my sister, then back to Calgary.  Will my life ever be the same boring drudge it had become before I began travelling again (can´t find the question mark on the Spanish keyboard.)  I sure will work hard to ensure it does not!!!

If you want a small slice of what life is like for a foreigner to move to the Baeleric Islands from the UK, pick up A Lizard in My Luggage by Anna Nicholas.  I have been reading her saga of 3 books while I have been traveling Spain.  The writing is superbly funny and a delightful description of adventures and unique characters she and her family meets while adapting to a new way of life.  Her second book is A Cat on a Hot Tiled Roof, and the third in the series is Goats From a Small Island.

Anna Nicholas Website

 I am learning that traveling with a book about the region to which you are going, is a phenomenal way of appreciating the place you are in a little more.

Hugs and more writing in the future!


  1. Hi Tonia,

    Thanks for the brief look at Spain, Tonia. Did you know Joaquim is Catalan? That should be a good "in" for all of us to go back there. Or in my case, to go for the first time.


  2. Thanks for bringing us all along with you!