Sunday, February 28

Dirty Diamonds

Having been out of the country for 9 months, having a 'share what you have' family as mine, I left behind my Midnight Grey Toyota Echo for relatives to use.  All paid off, it supports my spur-of-the-moment, get-up-and-go, random plans that I pursue which make my life interesting.  Freedom in a compact, steel object with four wheels and other assorted parts.

I returned this past week to find my Echo Betsy a dirty mess.  The kind of car that you would see in the very wrong side of the tracks waiting to be de-robbed of its important bits: hub caps, wheels, CD player, fuzzy dice, etc.  It cried out for my love and attention and I was there with an sucking vacuum, a pink bubbly car wash, and a Shamwow!  What car does not desire a supple, absorbent yellow scrub of love?!

In the car under seats, resting on the dashboard, hidden in the many compartments and getting dusty under seats I found:

  • several empty, plastic cups
  • mini full water bottle
  • shiny, new white wash cloth
  • a silver ring with a plastic, black jewel
  • several IKEA pencils
  • two pens, one red, the other black
  • three short Bungy chords
  • a strange black, metal stick with a red fuzzy protective cover on both ends
  • my Chinese New Year stuffed Rat (a present from my nephews)
  • a diamond ring
  • my empty CD holder
  • three used Kleenex
  • a couple of old receipts
  • a crap load of crumbs
  • 100 small rocks from the Canadian road
  • 10 fall leaves in my trunk
Yep, quite a mixture of junk.  Well, all junk except for one thing.  As I sat down on the back seat, I was about to reach under the front passenger side and begin the sucking action when I decided to pause and lean forward to grab the potentially larger things.  As I reached out, I saw a crumpled piece of paper and two shiny objects flicker in the light.  Picking them up, I turned them over and sat in awe of my good fortune.  Here was my mother's diamond ring, the one she bought for herself in China 9 years previously.  Encrusted with 26 diamonds of different shapes I plopped in on my finger and began debating how I was going to tease and taunt her about the loss she has failed to mention.  I was going to have a little fun.  And to think, I was almost sucked up into a bag of gunk, hair and fuzz. 

As I debated a series of emails, thinking about who I could rope into the fun, London called!

Mother:  I know the ending.

Me:  What?

Mother:  I know the ending to Love Never Dies.

Me:  Oh yeah!  What did you think?

Mother:  Like you, I did not like the ending.

Me:  I know!

Discussion about Love Never Dies (Phantom Part Deux) ensues.  Review forthcoming.

Me:  More importantly mum, are missing anything shiny and small?

Mother:  What?  What are you talking about?

Me:  A certain ring purchased in China several years ago?

Mother:  TONIA!!!  Where was it?  I lost it last summer and I thought is was in Marcia's car.  Where did you find it?

Me:  Under the passenger seat of my car and it was almost the victim of a vacuuming session.

Mother:  Tonia, you are the best ever and I will give you $50 dollars for finding it.

Me:  How much is it worth?

Mother:  About $1,200.

Me:  Then I want $1,200.

The debate with regards to financial remuneration is on-going.  :)

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  1. I want you to know that I treated your car exactly the way I treat my own car. However, I do not have the same good fortune for finding rings.

    -Your Mystery Sister