Saturday, January 2

2010, What Shall Become of Thee?

I have become lax in my personal goal setting, probably because past few years have been deeply difficult and survival took the front seat and forced personal development to the back of the vehicle.  After making changes to the environment around me, I wish to develop a strong environment around me and extend the alterations inwards to my soul.  (I sound like my own personal self-help book eh?) 

This list shall alter as the days go by, in fact by December 14, 2010 it may just become the remaining two goals that I actually achieved, he he.  Perhaps this is how New Year's Resolution lists should be created:  experience the year first, tally up goals accomplished, make the list of yearly goals complete, then give oneself a large hug and 'good job' cheer.  Mmmmm..... 

Goals of 2010 Joy:

1.  Eat 5 fruit & veggies every day.
2.  Make 3 healthier choices every day.
3.  Exercise at least 1 hour, 5 days per week.
4.  Meditate at least 3 times per week.
5.  Find a job that I enjoy 80% of the time.
6.  Do something thrilling, zany, crazy and spontaneous at least once per month.
7.  Start my Master's Degree.
8.  Continue documenting the books I have read in my trusty 'Book I Have Read Journal'.
9.  Kiss passionately once per month.
10.  Dance at least once per month.
11.  Save $2,000 this year. 
12.  Meet and befriend 5 new people this year who are different than me.
13.  Develop a more competent set of photography skills.  Make some money from it.
14.  Be a more creative and unique ceramicist.  Make some money from it.
15.  Grow out my hair and not have an over-confident, incorrect hairdresser chop it off again.

This is my start and as I said, it is not a permanent list because my keyboard has the cut & paste options available at all times, as does my soul.


  1. As of January 3rd, I can put a check mark beside number 9 & 12. Don't you love it when goals and success meet?!

  2. great, productive list ... with potential for adaption!