Saturday, December 26

2009 Is Dead

Accomplishments This Year:
1.  Found peace by letting go and starting again.
2.  Travel, enjoy the world around me.
3.  Spending time with family and friends.
4.  Deleting non-essentials from life.
5.  Get suckered into the world of blogging.
6.  Develop photography abilities.
7.  Meet many strangers who sometimes offered me strange advice; sometimes good.
8.  Take in as much art, theatre, plays, museums, and culture as humanly possible.
9.  Start using my critical, intellectual brain to improve my life, every day, many times over.
10.  Begin finding a balance between the consumer world of 'filling up' and fulfillment without consuming.

Crap, Didn't Get Around to That:
1.  Solve world poverty.
2.  Maintain healthier eating habits.
3.  Cow tipping.
4.  Learn how to play the banjo.
5.  Begin meditating every day.
6.  Begin a Master's Degree
7.  Dance every month.
8.  Kiss someone passionately every month.
9.  Learn how to use the colon more effectively. (Not my physical colon, the : and the ; in my writing.)

Which leaves me to commence my 2010 New Year's Goals list.  Numbers 6, 7 and 8 on the 'Crap' list, I am definately keeping.

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  1. 6, 7, 8 - Soooooo, what ya gonna study? Where are you going to dance and who to kiss? Hhmm, Keep us posted! Happy 2010 Tonia!