Saturday, November 21

A Blog Attempt

I asked a friend recently if I should start blogging. He said that bloggers are pretentious and really have nothing to say. Mmmm.....if I find myself being either or both of those, I shall stop. This blog will also be removed if I forget to get up and live. Until then, this is what I intend this blog will include:

1. Intellectual meanderings.
2. Amazing art galleries and collections.
3. Phenomenal concerts: classical, folk, rock, and even the artsy-out-there performer.
4. The art of photography.
5. Travels and tours.
6. Life comments.
7. Pop culture rants.
8. Political thoughts.
9. Perspective of the not-so-feminine female.

Will it be interesting enough...


  1. Aha, looking forward to the travel guide, concert tour, intellectual thoughts and political rants. I'm not too worried about the pretentiousness. Enjoy the world of blogging and we'll enjoy reading of your adventures.


  2. don't get too high falutin' on me, 'kay?

  3. Thank Ms. T for reading my blog! As for the fanciness - it's Wordpress and my two lovely techgawds in Toronto keep it neat and tidy - I just have to add words and pics. Nice to have those in the techie know on my team! Yay!

    So, each time I come here, I see the same post/same page. Is it possible to see your latest post instead? That would be fab. Otherwise readers have to find the latest one...a bit like a treasure hunt if that's what you're going for.

    Good plan - kissing a Chilean sound yummy.

    Luv Pearl